Who are we?

Sandra Hodge-Neill
Founder and Tutor

A qualified primary teacher, with 30 years' experience in Australia's education system. Sandra has also worked as an intervention specialist teacher over the last 12 years in schools.

Sandra is an experienced teacher, coach, mentor, and leader of literacy and curriculum. She has extensive experience leading and implementing intervention processes in schools as well as developing and delivering professional learning for educators and parents.

Sandra uses her immense experience to support Reading Unleashed students to realise their potential in literacy.

Sandra's passion for teaching is evident when you meet her. She has a passion for working with students who struggle with literacy and with those who have learning difficulties. Sandra is committed to fostering confidence, so children believe in themselves, and to building up skills so children learn to read.

  • Qualifications

    Bachelor of Education
    SPELD NSW Teacher's Certificate Course
    Trained in learning difficulties, the science of reading and a variety of systematic synthetic programs and evidence based approaches
    “Leader of Reading”- won national award in 2018

  • Professional Associations

    Australian Tutoring Association
    Trained in learning difficulties and a variety of systematic, synthetic programs
    MultiLit Pty Ltd
    Ascend Smarter Intervention
    Reading Simplified Academy


What do we do?

Reading Unleashed focuses on unlocking the reading code for children who are struggling with reading and who may have specific learning difficulties in Reading, Spelling or Writing, such as Dyslexia, Language Disorders, etc…

Reading Unleashed aims to build your child's confidence by strengthening their skills through targeted teaching, which enables them to access the whole school curriculum and fully participate in their learning. This is achieved by understanding each child's specific capability and delivering sessions that meet them at their point of need. The tailored one-to-one tutoring sessions help students build their literacy skills and to grow in confidence.

Our Practice

We use evidence and research-based approaches and strategies to implement high quality practice to assist each child's specific needs. We include explicit, systematic, structured strategies. We use sequential, cumulative scope and sequence such as Ascend Smarter Intervention, Reading Simplified Academy and SPELD NSW. Building a positive environment with each child is also at the heart of tutoring sessions. Our engaging and multi-sensory approach allows positive relationships to grow, encouraging trust and building self-esteem.


Specialist teaching is DIFFERENT

People with Dyslexia and those with Specific Learning Difficulties learn differently to other individuals. People struggling to read need practitioners who understand the Science of Reading as learning to read is not natural. They need skilled professionals to help unlock the reading code. They require individually tailored programs that are sequenced and multisensory. Often people have not developed strong strategies for reading because they have masked their difficulties and compensated for weaknesses. RU’s specialised instruction aims to build a strong foundation for successful reading by teaching word attack skills and strategies to unlock the reading code.

Initial Assessment


  • An initial consultation is used to determine your child’s current levels for reading, spelling and writing. This is then used for the development of your child’s individual program. 

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1 Hour Session

$110.00- $130.00

  • Individual sessions are conducted 1-to-1 on a weekly basis. These sessions are individually tailored to meet the student’s current needs. All sessions consist of direct and explicit instruction using an engaging multi- sensory approach.

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